Hostgator Review – Is Hostgator Hosting Service Worth It? Learn The Truth Behind This Awesome Multiple Award Winning Hosting Company!

Searching for a honest, unbiased Hostgator review? Need to know more about Hostgator web hosting service before you make your final decision? Yes you need to Cupones Hostgator, you have landed yourself to the right place! We have took the time, effort and patience to write this straight forward and to the point  review  by sharing our real life experience and doing a thorough detail research online for you! In fact, for your information, this site is hosted by!

Are you looking for Cupon Hostgator and trusted reliable quality hosting service to host your company or personal website? If you are doing this for the purpose of marketing online or expand your business internationally through internet, then you should really consider In actual fact, more and more people are taking to the internet in an effort to make a little extra money or simply just blog about a subject they are passionate about. What that means is that there is now a real demand for quality hosting at an affordable price.

Navigating the waters of hosting can be tough, especially for the internet newbie who doesn’t have very much experience in shopping for such a service. Performing a simple Google search for hosting will yield thousands of results, but only a very select few of those companies will be worth considering, with Hostgator ranking high on that list of possible hosting companies.

In order to give an honest unbiased Hostgator review, you really have to look at the good and the bad to see if you are going to get your money’s worth with them. The first thing that you need to look at is the uptime guarantee that a hosting company offers.

There is no point in saving a ton of money on hosting fees if your website is going to be down for extended periods of time. Hostgator delivers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means the chances of your site being down are pretty much slim to none.

The amount of space that you have is another consideration that comes into play. If you plan on having a massive website that is filled with video content or other space sucking items, then you are going to need room to grow.

Hostgator offers a number of different options in this regard, even allowing you to host on a dedicated server, which will allow your site to be as massive as you wish. On top of that, they also give you an unlimited MySQL database, where many companies only give you one.

Another great benefit that you get with Hostgator is the ability to host an unlimited number of domains for a single price. If you are looking at creating a number of different niche sites, other companies might require you to purchase individual hosting packages for each one. That can get very expensive very quickly, making Hostgator a great choice here.

They also have a very simply way to integrate WordPress sites, which means not having to upload and sort hundreds of files. It’s as simple as creating the site on WordPress, then heading into your Hostgator cPanel and adding it there with a couple of mouse clicks.

If there was a complaint with Hostgator over the years it was always that they were a little pricier than most, but that is now a thing of the past. There are a number of different Hostgator coupons available online now that doesn’t just make their services a great deal less expensive, but in many cases make them the best deal out there.

Finally, is it worth your penny?  If you’ve ever wanted to be in no doubt about the reliability and affordability of a quality hosting service, this is the one that match all standards. Hostgator web hosting service has been both statistically and winning multi awards proven to be one of the most respected popular hosting company on the web today!

So, in every sense, Hostgator deserve a Shot!

Trusty Website Hosting Reviews – – review

If simplicity of design is a big factor, then this company may win with its home page. But, sadly the home page just looks cheap that masquerades as purposefully simple for a2hosting coupon. Nevertheless, we cannot always judge a book by its cover. It has a video to show you what to do when creating a new website, so that is a big factor in their favor. Otherwise, they have a home page interface that looks like it has been built for people who know what they are doing (i.e. not for the newbie).

It is tempting to say that their prices are a good thing, as they are not very high, but the customer service you get in return is simply too poor with a2hosting. They have no idea about customer satisfaction to the point of simply not caring. Their customer service staff are very keen on saying, “Go to another provider then” if you even hint at a criticism or complaint. How they have managed to anger so many people is amazing, as one assumes they must have too many customers to care.

If you are looking for a positive side to this service, then the low cost of the service is probably it. It has a few good features too, but they are nothing that you won’t find with many other services of this ilk. Their poor customer service may be why so many people vent their anger on forums and review sites, simply because they cannot get through to someone on the website.

Trusty Website Hosting Reviews – review

The home page is a little cramped to the point where it looks as if their marketing professionals were unsure what is important and what should be missed. However, they do show their top three services in a prominent position so you can find your way within three clicks  la the three click rule of design), and they have a three step system for setting up a website too, and all of this is accessible on the home page, so they win points for that you can use coupon for hostgator with this site Hostgator Coupons.



This company is often lauded for its services, and it does seem to have made enough noise online in order for people to recognize the name and logo. Their biggest negative may be their online support, which does leave a lot to be desired. A simple request is often carried out incorrectly, and lower level technicians seem to be in charge of dealing with your queries. Many people have aptly named their customer support as a chore the best hosting is Hostgator Coupon 2016.

Value and up time are quite good, with their prices being quite the market average for what you get. They are by no means hiking prices and supposed value in the name of perceived value. Their server mail system leaves a lot to be desired, and you will be a fool for relying on it in any way. It may be a good idea to mention that the company is now owned by different people. The great reviews they received prior to 2013 no longer apply, as a new wave of anger hits the web. Although, it is fair to say that some owners do take time to settle in, and that they may need time to invest more money in the service and customer service before it returns back into favor with the online community. In other words, this company is one you should watch before buying into.

How to Choose Web Hosting

Trying to choose websites hosting services is a lot easier if you have a rough idea of what is going on in the industry like this site



But, since you are probably not privy to every bit of hosting services news, we have set up this site to help you. Added to which, here are a few tips to help you pick a good hosting service.

Are you allowed to upgrade your service?

This is a big factor when choosing the best web hosting service. If they are unable to upgrade your service so that you may have more server space or bandwidth, then there is something very wrong with the service. Also, be wary of web hosting services who try to snag you with a lower introductory rate, only to hike up the price dramatically if you want to upgrade.

Look at the prices on every service band because comparison sites have made hosting services pull some nasty tricks. They will offer a tiny rate for their bare bones service just so that they can appear to be the cheapest on the comparison sites. They are then forced to charge a lot more if you try to buy more server space or bandwidth because they have to make up for their loss-leading introductory offers.

What makes a good host?

It has to be the little things – the things that other companies ignore for the sake of chasing bigger clients. Things such as not making you wait on hold when you call, or a friendly customer service rep who calls you back if he or she cannot get an answer right away. It is about having the courtesy to let you know about server updates in advance so that you know when your website is going to be offline. Any other issues surrounding a host will always form an extension of their service. For example, if a company warns you about when your website will be offline, then it is easier to believe them when they tell you their downtime scores per year, and so on.

What security protocols do they have in place?

You are probably not going to find too many hosting services that will tell you what security they use. It would be like a bank advertising the location of its safe, but just like a bank, they should be very confident about their security to the point of bragging. Take note of any online reviews by people who have had security problems and see who their hosts are. If you notice a pattern of websites being hacked or infected that are related to this host, then consider the host service to blame.

All about the down time

Some people make a big deal about down-time when it comes to website hosting. This is because a high downtime percentage will have your website punished by Google. If the host company has a down time of more than 2% (7 days total per year), then they are a very bad company who are probably disorganized or have bad security. Look out for services that can tell you host company down times, and remember that there is software out there that lets you monitor downtime yourself once you have purchased web hosting.

Does price matter?

Yes it does, because you are not dealing with a commodity in the strictest sense. You can pay too much for a service, and you can pay too little. Making sure you get enough out of the service for your money is important, and making sure you employ the services of a company that is reliable is important.

Do not trust the prices that hosting services value their services at. For example, if they say that access to their customer support suite is worth X amount, then it does not mean it is. Your job is to find the service you desire and compare it with other services that are the same in order to get the best price before buying.

Lastly, read our trusty reviews of web hosting services here .